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Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order to help you understand how we collect, use, communicate and utilize the personal information of the clients.

he Privacy Policy (hereafter referred to as the Policy) provides information on how “" collects, processes, stores, shares, deletes and protects the Client's personal data, thus ensuring that the Client's personal data is processed lawfully, in good faith and transparency. The Policy discusses the personal data of the Client, the processing of the data of any individual and the service provided to the Client by “”.
In order to provide the Customer with better and more suitable products and services, as well as to provide, maintain, protect and improve existing products and services, processes the data collected during the provision of services.

Personal Data

The categories of personal data processed by depend on the products and services used by the Client. " " has the right to process the following categories of personal data for the purposes specified in cause 4 of this Policy:
- Customer’s name, surname, postal address, mobile number and e-mail address;
- communication data : e-mail, letter or other information that is related to the communication of the client and " ";
- data provided by the Client to " ". " " processes the following data on the use of products and services for the purposes specified in clause 4 of this Policy: - information of the Client's IP address;
- cookie (data on browsing the site) : Data on visits to the site "" ;
- The date and time, volume of the Internet viewed, location of the customer at the time of viewing;
- and other personal data of the customer, depending on the type of service provided to the customer, informing him or her in advance.

Personal Data Processing

Client's Consent : The Client, as a subject of personal data, himself consents to the collection and processing of personal data for specific purposes. The Customer's consent for direct marketing purposes to make new and customized offers will apply to the activities of " ". The Client's consent is his free will and independent decision, which can be given at any time, thus allowing " " to process personal data for certain purposes. The client has the right to revoke his previously given consent at any time using the specified communication channels with " ".
3.2 Conclusion and execution of the contract: In order to provide high-quality services to the client and to conclude and execute an agreement with the Client, certain personal data is collected and processed. It is collected before the conclusion of an agreement with " " or already during the time of the concluded contract
3.3 Legitimate interests of " ": Observing the interests of " ", which are based on the provision of quality services and timely support to the Client, "" has the right to process the personal data of the Client to the extent that it is objectively necessary and sufficient for purposes specified in clauses 4.1 - 4.3 of this Policy. The legitimate interests of "" are considered to be the processing of personal data in direct marketing, as a result, the Client is offered new and / or individual products and services of "”.
3.4 Fulfillment of legal obligations: " " has the right to process personal data in order to comply with the requirements of regulatory enactments, as well as to provide answers to the legal questions of the state and local authorities.

4.1 "" processes personal data of the customer in order to provide them with high-quality, time bound and convenient service of contractual relations with " " during their operation: - to manage (including remotely) the relations with the customers, ensuring the conclusion and execution of the Agreement, as well as the implementation of the related process; - to deal with customer complaints at the earliest and provide support (including technical support) in connection with the services provided; - to inform the Client about other products and services of the company.
4.2 "" processes personal data of the customers in order to promote the development of the industry and offer new services to Clients, including: - to create new products and their offers for the betterment of the customers; - to conduct market analysis and develop a business model, the statistical data of Clients is processed . - to popularize the image of "" on the market, sending pleasant wishes to the Client, providing offers, organizing surveys to improve existing products and services as well as to create new products.
4.3 " " processes personal data in order to create and maintain the internal processes of " ", to ensure the circulation of documents and other internal processes in necessary and sufficient volume.

Can the Client restrict the processing of his data?
5.1 Profiling of personal data of Clients as data processing: -The processing of personal data in order to evaluate specific personal aspects related to an individual, namely, to analyze or predict aspects in connection with personal desires, interests, reliability, behavior, location or movement of the specified person. The client at any time has the right to inform “” and object to the adoption of an automated decision and not be the subject of such a decision.
5.2 Direct marketing and the basis for sending commercial notices to the Client: " " carries out direct marketing by sending commercial notices to the Client so that the Client is always informed about new, modern and / or just for the Client products, services, as well as special conditions of the contract in accordance with the basis for the processing of personal data. The client has the right at any time to refuse to receive such commercial notifications.
5.3 The client has the right at any time to object to the profiling of his personal data (clause 5.1) or refuse to receive commercial notices (clause 5.2), informing of this matter electronically. The changes will not affect the processing of personal data of the customer until the objections or refusal of the customer.

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