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An online platform for private tutoring called BR Tutors gives pupils personalised learning support. Students can connect with tens of thousands of knowledgeable and experienced professors from all over the world using our platform. Additionally, students can enrol in private lessons for any subject.

The goal of BR Tutors, according to Mr Shivam Dublish, the company's founder, director, and CEO, is to provide every student, anywhere in the globe, with the best tutoring services. In order to provide every student with access to knowledge when they are at home, we have a significant staff of tutors who work around the clock. BR Tutors performed thousands of tutoring sessions as a result of this approach, becoming one of the top international suppliers of online tutoring services.

We have appointed thousands of teachers to instruct you in order to prepare you for a brighter future.


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Since 2012, BR Tutors has provided tutoring. nearly ten years of experience.
The tutors at BR Tutors are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in their specialties. We offer tutors with experience ranging from two to twenty years in the classroom.
Every child is unique and different from one another, according to BR Tutors. Our tutor experts have plenty of expertise spotting similar form reports, performance trends, attentiveness in the classroom, and other crucial performer indicators.
At BR Tutors, we consider instruction alone to be insufficient. Evaluation of a child's development is equally crucial. To do this, we have vast data powered by AI & ML about children's learning patterns, flexibility, and clarity, which we regularly share with parents and students. We may consider 100% refund upon no progress seen.
A one-on-one tutoring session will be held in a highly advanced virtual classroom. The technology in this virtual classroom is extensive, and the instructional resources include two-way interaction in live session mode.
Every class typically meets for an hour each class. However, it may change depending on the package and frequency of tutoring that you choose.
At BR Tutors, we bill by the session depending on the package you choose. It depends on the course, subject, and academic board you choose. Every package was carefully created by us.
At BR Tutors, we offer online tutoring for a variety of boards, including IB, IGCSE, GCSE, CBSE, and ICSE. We advise you to look up your region on our list of countries.
For the various classes and boards, BR Tutors has a well defined tuition pricing structure. We do not impose any extra fees for any extra resources, including materials or assessments. Explore our packages.
At BR Tutors, we have well defined policy for cancellations and make-up sessions. Please read our refund policy or contact our customer support team for additional support.